Smooth scrolling is enabled by default and supported in Windows OS as well as popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and MS Office applications. Let’s discover how to enable smooth scrolling feature in Opera web browser.

Scrolling means movement of page. Usually it is performed by mouse wheel. When a page is moved upward, it is called scrolling up and moving down refers to scrolling down.

Till the moment, Opera as well as Google Chrome miss smooth scrolling feature enabled by default. While Mozilla Firefox has this advantage by default configuration and allows users to turn smooth scrolling on or off from options in settings.

A tutorial has published on how to enable smooth scrolling feature in Mozilla Firefox web browser:

How to Enable / Disable Smooth Scrolling in Mozilla Firefox?

Windows overall smooth scrolling can also be helpful:

Enable Windows Smooth Scroll for All Programs

Opera and Google Chrome have this feature too, but not enabled by default. It is still kept hidden from options as well and you cannot find it anywhere in browser settings. You might be wondering that if this function is not shipped by default nor available in options menu, then how to enable smooth scrolling in your Opera web browser? Common question and the response is, it’s time to jump into Opera browser’s secret configurations. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it.

Here is step by step guide to enable smooth scrolling feature in Opera web browser:

Open Opera browser and type following address in address bar.


Check the box to turn smooth scroll ON or uncheck the box to turn it OFF. As shown in the screenshot below.

smooth scrolling in opera web browser

It is found that newer versions of Opera are coming with smooth scroll enabled by default. However, some users still have problem with this who either don’t have this feature enabled by default or sometimes want to disable smooth scrolling in Opera.

That’s all you have to do. Restart Opera browser and you will notice the changes you made.

sthe box, the feature of smooth scroll will be disabled. So make sure you have checked/unchecked the box according to what you want Opera browser to do.


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