Enable/Disable Firefox smooth scroll by tweaking a simple option, without any extension or add-ons.

Smooth scrolling in Firefox is enabled by default. However, it can be disabled due to some reasons, such as some tweaking applications can change browser settings and disable this option or you might have disabled smooth scrolling option yourself in past and forget where you changed it. No matter what changed it, you can enable or disable it yourself very easily.

Mozilla Firefox has been the major browser since it appeared on the scene. It is equipped with almost everything that a great browser should possess, from minor to major functionalities and every bit of appearance. One of those eye catching options is smooth scrolling.

Smooth scrolling makes your browsing experience more pleasant. It feels easy on eyes and reading becomes more fun. Jumping scroll of webpages seems hard to catch on page content. While smooth scrolling helps you concentrate better on webpage. It can help to enhance your productivity level while surfing online and less strain on eyes at the end of the day.

In fact, smooth scrolling gives a gentle look and feel to the user. It seems very rough if you have to work with a lot of options, icons and programs that have rough, jumpy and instant scrolling or movement.

Smoothness is not only concerned to scrolling only. Most of things and events are happened this way or you want them happen smoothly. Although, changing some of those phenomena is not your control, or require a considerable effort and time. But luckily, you have control over some things you have to face every day. Firefox is highly customizable and lets you toggle this behavior.

If you have installed any add-ons or extensions for smooth scrolling, you are highly recommended to disable or remove it before starting this tutorial. Firefox has built-in smooth scrolling feature, no add-ons needed at all.

Open Firefox browser.

Click on Menu button, the right most button.

A menu will appear having some icons. Select Options.

Firefox spelling check function

Select Advanced tab/option.

In General tab, there is Browsing section. There is an option Use smooth scrolling with a checkbox. Check the box to enable or uncheck the box to disable the smooth scroll feature in Firefox.

Firefox smooth scrolling option

Hit OK button.

Now open any webpage and scroll down or up. You’ll notice the change. No restart is required at all to enable / disable smooth scroll function in Firefox. Enjoy smooth web surfing.

If you want to apply smooth scrolling on all programs in Windows, here is a tutorial in the link below. However, this is not as effective as Firefox built-in option. But it can affect all applications overall, rather than only Firefox. Here is the link:

Enable Windows Scroll for All Programs


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