VLC media player default skin looks old fashioned. Why stick to it when there are a lot of themes and skins that can make VLC look modern and beautiful? A quick guide will lead you to change VLC player skin/theme in less than 5 minutes.

VLC media player is known as the king of multimedia player. It is capable to play almost all type of media formats that other player are unable to recognize. Not only for Windows, but it is available for Mac and Linux as well, including mobile operating system.

The basic default native  interface is designed to make VLC player light and faster while loading. This interface is mainly designed with a purpose to make this program easily usable for anybody, even with a very basic know-how about computer.

The native skin is not so bad. A lot of people are using default skin. Some people like it while some want don’t. But a majority of users really don’t know that it is possible to customize and change VLC media player skin. Yeah, it’s possible and very easy. So if you find VLC player skin boring as compared to other fancy media players but not working for you and you want VLC to wear some modern skin.

Here is how to customize and change VLC media player skin in a few minutes.

Browse the Internet to choose some skin

You might be amazed to know that VideoLAN has a smart collection of player skins on their official website.

vlc media player official skin website

There are several developers and designers who have developed customized skins on other sites. You can search for VLC media player skins online and select whichever you like.

Download the skins for VLC Player

Download the skin either form official website or other resources. But make sure that skin you download is clean from virus and other threats. For safety, you are recommended to download from official website.

Download file to your computer. Skins have VLT (.vlt) file extension.

download and save vlt file to computer

Installing VLC Player Skin

Open VLC media player.

In menu bar, click on Tools menu and then Preferences from the menu list. Alternatively, you can press CTRL+P keys combination to open preferences dialog box.

vlc media player tools and preferences

Make sure that Interface option is selected in left pane. In Look and feel section, you will see two option on the top:

  • Use native style
  • Use custom skin

Click on Use custom skin.

A file choose option will appear when you select custom skin option. Click on Choose button and locate the downloaded file. The file name with path will be displayed in skin resource file box.

Click on Save button.

select skin and save

Restart VLC player (close the program and open it again) to see new skin. Here is the skin I downloaded and applied.

vlc media player skin change successfull

Great, you changed your favorite media player to your favorite skin. You can experiment with other skins too. Choose one or a few skins of your choice and install them. It should not take more than 5 minutes.

Don’t hesitate to share your brilliant experience with us. Share your successful experiment or inform if you find it difficult or not able to change the skin. We will be glad to help you.

Here is a collection of beautiful skins for VLC player, only for your delight : )

Top VLC Media Player Skins


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