Foxit Reader is one of the worst competitors of Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. But when you start using it, you have to see that a start tab is automatically opened when you open a new file. In fact, this start tab / page is always opens every time you open Foxit Reader. It contains offers about business products that can be useful for you. But wasn’t that enough to see that once instead of compelling users to see this advertisement promotion page every time they open it? No matter how many times you open the program, every time any file is opened, the start page is displayed. However, it’s not about any file, it is start of program that displays start page.

foxit start page

Due to this tab, most of users think what’s better in Foxit Reader as compared to Adobe Reader? Well, it’s free of cost and has many built-in functions that are not available in Adobe’s free PDF reader. But being free doesn’t mean that the make users see annoying additional tab every time they open the program. But actually, there is an option to disable start tab in Foxit PDF Reader. You just have to discover it and get rid of the additional burden. It’s not much difficult but a little bit tricky. Let’s see how to do this.

How to Disable Start Tab in Foxit Reader?

  • Open Foxit Reader.
  • Go to ‘File’ menu and select ‘Preferences’.

foxit disable tab

  • Preferences dialog box will be opened with several labels in left side pane and corresponding options in right side pane. Select ‘General’ Tab.
  • ‘General’ tab options will be displayed on the right side. Locate ‘Application Startup’ section, that’s normally on the bottom of all options. Just below this, there will be a check box ‘Show Start Page’. It’ll be checked, you need to uncheck this in order to disable this option.

uncheck start page

  • Press ‘OK’. Restart the program and you will see that start tab has gone.

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