If you face Universal / Windows Store apps not working in Windows 10, these might be blocked by Parental Control in Windows 10. Let’s fix it.

Windows 10 Technical Preview are great for user experience as well as for Microsoft to fix a lot of bugs that are reported by users. Such an error is found in latest Technical Preview builds of Windows 10 that prevents the user to access modern Universal or Windows Store apps and even Start menu doesn’t work in some cases. This affects both Administrator and Standard accounts.

Microsoft has already told that a lot of bugs and errors are expected in Windows 10 preview builds as these builds are still in development stages.

Why Modern Windows Apps are Blocked by Parental Control?

If you are facing the same problem then chances are that your app activation is blocked by Parental Control in Windows 10. Besides Windows Store apps, this issue can cause problems with Start menu and prevents it to open.

You can use Checking Event Viewer to see the logs in order to get a clear idea about this issue. But it’s found that app activation is responsible for this problem that is being blocked by Parental Control. It prevents Windows Store apps and Start menu to open in Windows 10.

How to Open Windows Store apps blocked by Parental Control

Open elevated command prompt in Windows 10.

Type the following command (you can copy/paste it) and hit Enter.

ren %windir%\System32\AppLocker\Plugin*.* *.bak

apps blocked Windows 10 Store

Wait for a short time while the process finishes. Once this process finishes successfully, you’ll have Windows Store apps working in Windows 10 that were blocked by Parental Control.


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