Firefox spelling checker is OFF by default. Spelling correction feature helps to type error-free in browser. Let’s turn in ON.

It affects overall spelling, no matter you chat or type documentation in browser. The whole typing activities in browser are checked. In some browsers, the spelling check feature is enabled by default; such as Google Chrome and Opera. But this option is not enabled in Mozilla Firefox. But it can be enabled easily within a few seconds.

Actually, I observed this while I was experimenting to type text in browsers. If you follow the trick to use your Internet browser as a text editor, you will notice this, until you are a very accurate typist and almost never make mistakes while typing English, or only use true English words rather than using short words while chatting or anything else.

A question that might be arising in your mind is that why Firefox has not enabled it by itself? While other competitors have it enabled. May be the Firefox team have experienced or considered that spelling checker is not a feature that the users care about that much. Majority of users totally don’t need and even not noticed this feature in browsers. You might be one of them some moments ago, before you start reading this tutorial. Anyhow, let’s care about what you are going to learn about.

To enable spelling check function in Firefox, there is nothing to do except going through a few simple options, these are elaborated below, please follow these steps:

  • First of all, open Mozilla Firefox browser, if you don’t have it open already.
  • Now click on Open Menu button, the most right button.
  • A menu will appear. Select Options by clicking on its icon.

mozilla Firefox enable disable spelling check function

  • Now select Advanced tab/option.

Make sure you have General tab opened. In Browsing section, there is a check box option “Check my spelling as I type”. Check the box. It should look like this picture:

Firefox spelling check on off while you type

  • Press OK button.

Now type anywhere in Firefox browser to confirm if spelling checker is working properly for you. If not, check again the above steps to make sure that you have not missed anything in steps given above; and restart browser. I should be working without any problem.

If you face any problem, do tell us. Have a better and error-free browsing experience with spelling checker function in your Firefox browser.


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