Firefox Hello button missing? Learn how to activate and show Firefox Hello Chat button just in a few minutes. Easy to follow and clearly elaborated step by step guide for you.

Mozilla Firefox has introduced real time voice and video chat feature right inside the browser. This WebRTC feature is named ‘Firefox Hello‘.

WebRTC (stands for Web Real Time Communication). It enables browser to browser voice calling, video chat and file transfer without installing any additional plugins in your web browser.

The Firefox users can start video and voice conversation with other Firefox users anywhere around the world. No sign up or registration is needed, but there are several benefits if you register your account such as saving and managing your contacts.

Firefox Hello feature is available now but still some users have reported that Hello button/icon is missing in their Firefox browser; even after update or clean fresh install.

It seemed strange but the problem was realized. It was purposed a test stage and servers were not ready enough to bear load of testing this new feature; as almost all web users were waiting for long and were just crazy to try this feature out instantly.

If you are one of those users who are excited to try Hello feature in Firefox but have encountered this problem, here is a quick and easy solution.

Although the solution is simple and elaborated with snapshots, you are still recommended to save your important work opened in browser tabs (filling any form or working on some project) as a restart may be required if necessary.

You must have Mozilla Firefox 34 or above version installed on your device to avail Firefox Hello feature. The versions below than 34 do not have this facility.

How to Enable Firefox Hello Button in Firefox?

Open Mozilla Firefox browser.

Type the following line / command in address bar and hit Enter key.


about config of firefox address box

A security message will be displayed, click on ”I’ll be careful, I promise” button.

security warning message

A huge list of preferences will be opened, scroll down to locate the following string/entery


You can copy and paste this string in preferences Search bar ( appears just below the address bar) to quickly locate it.

copy paste and search config option entry

By default, it’s value is set to ‘True’. Change it to False either by right click and select ‘toggle’ from menu or double click the value, it should be set to ‘false’.

toggle value from true to false

After toggle, the value will be false, as shown below:

value changed to false

Close the Firefox browser and open it again (restart).

Hello icon should be there. If you still do not see this icon, try following instructions

How to Show Firefox Hello Button in Menu or Toolbar?

Click on menu button (hamburger icon) on top right side of browser window.

Look for the Firefox Hello icon (smile chat face) in the list.

Don’t panic if the icon does not appear there. Click on Customize button to explore additional tools and features pane. You will find this icon in this tools set.

firefox customize panel

Just drag and drop the icon or right click on icon and select either Add to menu (right side panel) or Add to toolbar  (recommended).

Firefox hello shown in toolbar

Click on Exit Customize button to finish.

Firefox hello button option enabled

Now you can use it, congrats!

Enjoy voice and video conversation right in your browser with Firefox Hello feature, without installing any additional plugin, extension or third party software. Don’t forget to share your experience and feedback.

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