You can enjoy Windows applications smooth scroll. This trick will enable smooth scrolling for all programs in Windows, rather than affecting a single application.

Many people like things to go smooth, instead of jumps and dashes. Smooth scrolling trend has been adopted by lots of devices as a modern user interface element. Have a look on some of modern devices like smartphones having Android, Windows or any other popular operating system installed in them. Do these have smooth scrolling or not?

In fact, smooth scrolling gives a gentle look and feel to the user. It seems very rough if you have to work with a lot of options, icons and programs that have rough, jumpy and instant scrolling or movement. It impacts vision and feels very boring.

Smoothness is not only concerned to scrolling only. Most of things and events are happened this way or you want them happen smoothly. Although, changing some of those phenomena is not your control, or require a considerable effort and time. But luckily, you have control over some things you have to face every day. One of them is your Windows computer/device.

There is no magic involved nor needs bulky third party application to be installed in order to make your application’s scrolling behave smoother. This is only a tweak you can make by changing option in Mouse Properties. Here is how to do this properly:

Open Control Panel.

Type Mouse in Control Panel Search box.

Select Mouse. Mouse Properties will be opened.

open mouse properties box in control panel


Click on Wheel tab.

Change the Vertical Scrolling value to 1. By default, it is 3.

change mouse vertical scroll

Click OK to save changes and close the Mouse Properties dialog.

That’s it. Now open file explorer or any document that has enough contents to scroll up and down. Scroll up and down and you’ll notice content scrolling smoother than it used to move before.

If you can’t feel the change, you are encouraged to open mouse properties again and play with mouse wheel vertical scrolling values. Enter a higher value, such as 10 and check scrolling behavior, and experiment with other values you like to test.

Smooth scrolling is applied to all applications in Windows, including web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and all others. Actually, this is global mouse properties setting that is applied overall in Windows operating system.


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