PayPal Here for Windows Phone 8.1 available now with mobile card reader that supports debit and credit cards. Download free app on Windows Phone Store.

PayPal app appeared for Windows 8.1 in March, now Windows Phone 8.1 also gets PayPal Here app on Windows Phone Store. A hardware support also introduced in form of mobile card reader. This card plugs into 3.5 audio jack of mobile device.

The app detects the mobile card reader and accepts debit and credit cards, making your business transactions possible anytime where ever you go. All you need is PayPal Here app, card reader and your credit or debit card.

Download PayPal Here for Windows Phone

There are some other businesses offering similar apps for online mobile transactions but PayPal is the most advanced entry to Windows Phone store yet. It could become the best contender to former transaction solution available in the market.

PayPal Here can really make life easier of business persons who are looking for a system to conduct online transactions through their mobile device (smartphones and tablets).

There are no subscription or monthly fees to use this app. You can keep it in your device without any charges. The only way you will be charges is whenever you make a transaction through this app. Yeah, PayPal Here charges you per transaction fee, and it’s 2.7% per transaction in the U.S, Hong Kong and Australia. Canada is also enlisted.

Besides free app, the company also offers 24/7 live customer care support. This is basically one of the most convenient entity that a customer needs, especially, it even becomes crucial when there is a matter of business transaction.

For merchants who have plans to set up with PayPal Here, they can register their account from this link. After the registration process is accomplished, a request will have to be submitted for the card reader. The free app can be downloaded from the below link:

Download PayPal Here for Windows Phone 8.1


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