Cleaning up old files is a good idea that are no longer in use but occupy space on disks. But how to decide what files are junk and how to delete them quickly? Let’s find an easy and fast trick get rid of old files and program traces.

There is nothing complicated. No need of third party free or paid software to clean junk files. Although there are some software that can clean up junk files such as temporary internet files, cache, CHK, TMP and other type of known and unknown files that have nothing to do on your disk but only eat up free space and system resources. But you can do it yourself, without any software assistance. Isn’t this better approach?

So here are some common file types that should be cleaned regularly:

  • .TMP
  • .CHK
  • .EML

These are temporary files created by different programs and operating system. These are created for different purposes, after that specific operation is completed, these files often remain there undeleted.

If you often use several programs on your computer then there are chances that they have consumed a considerable space on your disk.

Email leftovers can also pollute your file system. Not only such email leftovers are junk stuff but such files can be a security risk. That’s why mostly software detect these files as potentially infected or risky files.

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Navigate to Computer folder (main folder).
  3. Type the file type with extension you want to delete. (e.g. .tmp)
    search and delete temp chk eml files
  4. Wait for a while until the search process is finished.
  5. A list of that specific files will be displayed.
  6. Select all files. You can use CTRL+A key combination to select all files.
  7. Press Delete button.

Deletion process may take some time depending on size and quantity of files. Once all those files are deleted, you’ll have junk free disk from that type of files.

Be careful before deleting a lot of files together. You might delete important files by mistake. So do have a look at the list of files before pressing Delete button.


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