Do you want tabs in Windows File Explorer just like in modern web browsers? Although Ribbon UI and some other additions started from Windows 8 have improved accessibility of File Explorer. Yet Microsoft has not realized the need of tabs.

Grouped folders in taskbar was available in Windows XP. Windows Vista, 7, 8 and new versions have auto grouped File Explorer in taskbar, that’s cool and reduces the hassle to some extent. Yet there is need of more improvement at right place.

Many of you might have thought about it while struggling around multiple opened folders on their desktop. Some of these are minimized and some maximized according to needs of user. But it becomes annoying while playing with all scattered windows.

Just imagine if your web browser does not have tabbed feature, instead you have to open a new windows of browser for a new task or website. Yes, it used to be in older browser version when tabbed feature was not innovated. But now a days, if a browser with bundle of top class qualities have only fault, no tabs but a new window for every process, every link or website you open has a new window for it. How will you feel that? It will seem almost useless to you.

Same with Windows File Explorer. Microsoft has introduced tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer, when tabs feature was innovated. But still doesn’t realized about File Explorer. Wouldn’t it be comfortable if the typical file explorer possess tabs feature?

But time to smile, there are a lot of users who think just like you and a few of them have got skill to change it to fit according to what they want. BrightExplorer is result of hard work of some geeks for the comfort of you. It’s a free and easy to use application that integrates into file explorer.

BrightExplorer for Windows

A distinct feature about BrightExplorer is that it lets you open multiple tabs for every folder as many as you want. The interface is, however, not that attractive. It looks like a combination of Windows File Explorer and Google Chrome. May be developers behind this software improve it in future to make it look more like default file explorer.

Switching between opened tabs is easy. Open folder/directories in tabs and click on corresponding tab of the opened folder that you want to focus on.

This application has no separate interface of its own. It’s integrated in default file explorer. When you open file explorer, it will be opened as BrightExplorer tabs supported interface.

The blank tab (on most right) opens a new directory of C: drive. It can be considered just like new tab opener in browsers that open a blank tab, when clicked.

Tab can be detached and attached from the main window. Just drag the tab out from the main tab bar and release anywhere on desktop. Again, it works just like Google Chrome tabs, if you have experienced with that. If not, then you are encouraged to try this with Chrome.

Another interesting feature of BrightExplorer is its bookmarks. You can organize your favorite directories with bookmark feature. This feature is named Favorite Panel. When it is clicked, a bookmark bar is opened to the left. It allows drag and drop feature. You can pick and drag your favorite or frequently used folders to favorite panel to add in bookmarks. The tree structure helps you organize and access your bookmarks more logically and easily.

BrightExplorer favorite panel

BrightExplorer supports add-ons. Though, this cool software is totally free but the add-ons are not free. You can go to the product’s main website and purchase some of the add-ons if you need them. However, all 3 add-ons that are currently available on their website are packed with the main application.

BrightExplorer is a good software for you if you need tabs in file explorer. This application is currently in its early stages and there is need for some improvements on some areas of it. It’s very small in size and completely free to download and use.

Download it HERE


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