Add subtitles in VLC media Player for your favorite movie. Learn how and where from download the most suitable VLC subtitle file for any movie or video.

VLC player is probably the best and all in one media playback application for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile platform including Windows Phone and Android. People use it for watching their favorite move with subtitles and playing music or video files. VLC player can handle it elegantly.

Most of times, movies come with subtitle files with them. But sometimes, movie subtitle file is missed due to some reason or other. If you are interested in how to add subtitles to movies in VLC player, you’ll learn it in just a few minutes or seconds.

In order to download the most appropriate subtitle file for the movie, you are recommended to search for the subtitle file that matches that media type that you have (i.e. DVD or Blu-ray). It’s necessary for nice audio/subtitle syncing, otherwise you may face different duration of audio/video and subtitles. The best tip to follow is: search for matching subtitle with the movie file.

File Extension for Subtitles

The most popular subtitle file type is “.srt”. You can search the web and you’ll find a lot of websites for downloading subtitles. You may try or any other of your choice.

How to Add Movie Subtitles File in VLC Player?

After downloading appropriate subtitles file, you have at least two most common ways to add subtitles to any movie in VLC player.

Place the subtitle file and movie file in the same folder. Make sure you’ve renamed both file with the same file name. For example, if the movie file name is “sampleMovie.avi” then subtitle file should be renamed as “”.

Play the movie in VLC media player. Right click and choose Subtitles > Add subtitle file. Choose the downloaded subtitle file and double click/open to load it.

Add video subtitle file to VLC

That’s it. Now you’ll see movie subtitles with your favorite movie in VLC media Player. This method works for both Windows and Mac.

If you face problems or this method doesn’t work for you, then make sure movie and subtitles file have the matching name. Moreover, you’ll also need to close and restart VLC player. Alternatively, you can try method number 2 given above: right click > Subtitles > Add subtitle and choose the appropriate file.

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