Long URLs are fine on their place, but sharing those webpages with someone makes us think if there is some magic that can shrink those URLs to a short, tiny and easy to convey link?

The world is rapidly moving towards digital media. Social networking has made connections easier than ever before. Sharing useful information has become a good habit of knowledge seeking people as well as fun seekers.

Whenever we find something interesting or useful, we love to share it instantly with our fellows and friends through email or social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others. But the problem is that nobody likes long URLs. It seems like something vulnerable that will hack their computer or device.

Another issue with long URLs is that some social networks allow only limited letters/characters/words in one message or post, especially Twitter and a few more. Every letter of a URL is considered as a single letter. It means if the long URL contains 150 letters and the social website allows only 160 letters per message/post, you have only 10 letters left to tell about what you are sharing. Not enough to make a reasonable statement. The URL shortener services and tools are developed to overcome such problems.

I have compiled a brief list of most comprehensive and the best tools and services that allows you to put (either type or copy and paste) long website/webpage address and get an alternative shrink and short URL that will redirect you to the exact same location that long URL would.

These are actually URL shortening websites and all of the following are absolutely free to use. No signups required. But signup can bring you some management tools to manage and keep record of the URLs that you shortened. However, sign up is totally optional. Don’t register your account to sign up if you don’t like.


Google URL Shortner

Source: http://goo.gl/

googl online short url tool



Source: https://bitly.com/

bitly URL shortner



Source: http://tinyurl.com/

tinyurl screenshot


McAfee Secure Short URL Service

Source: http://mcaf.ee/

McAfee secure URL shrinker



Source: http://ow.ly/

owly long links shortener



Source: http://tiny.cc/

tinycc shorter with QR codes



Source: http://is.gd/

isgd make urls smaller

Link shorteners are really good and handy tools for link sharing. It takes just a few seconds to shrink a lengthy website or webpage address to convert into a small URL. Make use of these for your social media link sharing. I hope this article will make your life a bit easier. Don’t forget to express your ideas or ask for help about anything about short URLs. Thank you for time.



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