4 Essential Video Settings to Optimize for Smartphones

4 Essential Video Settings to Optimize for Smartphones

Most smartphones nowadays are more than capable of handling video – and some even are able to reproduce the images with exceptional color and clarity. However as much the displays and graphical capabilities have advanced over the years, storage space remains an ever-present issue on these devices.

Bearing that in mind, if you want to optimize your video for smartphones so that they don’t consume more space than they need to – you should look at 4 video settings in particular:

  • Resolution
    Most of the better smartphones on the market nowadays can handle 1080p resolutions without any issues, but some older smartphones or ‘entry-level’ variants may not be able to do so. If your smartphone can’t handle the resolution of your video, reducing it to a resolution that it can handle will help you to save space.
  • Frame rate
    Just like resolution, where the more capable smartphones are able to playback video at 60 frames per second – not all models can do so. By dropping the frame rate a little you could reduce the size of the file considerably and there’ll be no visible reduction in quality.
  • Format and codec
    Some formats and codecs are better for compression than others, a notable example being x264 or x265. However your smartphone may not be able to deal with these codecs, so identifying the best format and codec to use to compress your video would be the first step you need to take. For example, you may want to convert MKV to MP4 with a better codec too.
  • Audio bitrate
    Considering no smartphone has a great sound system, audio bitrate is one area where you can definitely optimize. Normally an audio bitrate of 192 is more than sufficient for audio on a smartphone and anything more than that will be lost in translation, so to speak.

To tweak these settings will require specific software, and you’ll find that using Movavi Video Converter is your best bet. It will let you alter the video format and settings with no hassle whatsoever, and will even help make it easy to do so.

When you use Movavi Video Converter you’ll be able to take advantage of the presets that it has available to automatically optimize your video for a specific device or platform. The presets include support for mobile devices – so you should be able to simply pick your smartphone from the list.

If you like you will find that you could also use Movavi Video Converter to tweak your videos in other ways. Its features are nothing less than comprehensive and you could use them to trim out unwanted footage, improve the video quality, and crop or rotate the video. Additionally, you will be able to create animated GIFs, extract the audio from videos, and much more.

To put it simply, Movavi Video Converter is the one (and only) tool that you need to optimize your videos for smartphones. The fact that it makes it so incredibly easy to do so just cements its role as a “one-stop” utility and media converter.

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