Ringing Bells Closed Freedom 251 Bookings

Freedom 251 Bookings Closed

Freedom 251 received 3.7 crore bookings on Thursday, 18th Feb, followed by another 2.8 crore bookings on the next day. Yesterday, Ringing Bells received 85 lakh bookings and the company finally decided to stop the bookings, According to the Noida-based company, Ringing Bells.

The company said it will start delivering the orders and expected to complete the procedure by the end of 2016. Ringing Bells CEO, Goel said, 30,000 individuals paid the amount and the others are going to pay once the phone is delivered.

The organization said they appointed 100 distributors in north Indian cities to each take 5000 offline bookings.

According to the news sources, many smartphone buyers assembled outside the office on Saturday after they couldn’t place an order online. There are tens of popular e-commerce websites in India that smoothly handles enormous amount of traffic at once.

The website didn’t work properly and the customers ended up submitting the order form and getting the same page in return. Goel said a team of 50 people had worked on this project for almost eight months before this launch.

50 people, 8 months, yet, failed to handle bookings due to traffic overload? Not a good excuse.

For pricing the Freedom 251 with lowest price tag, The Indian Cellular Association requested telecom ministry to look into this issue. Goel said that he will not going to be importing China-made handsets and also claimed to set up 20 production units all over India with 4.5 lakh jobs.

“For the very first time we are going to make phone memory in India, which are presently imported from Taiwan,” Goel said.

He also said that the first manufacturing unit will be set up in a month and a half.

There are many discussions going on about whether this failed launch was a brilliant marketing strategy or just being cheap. What do you think?

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