The Oculus Rift is gearing up on the customer marketplace for an early 2016 start. While all that is accessible are tremendously pricey devkits, Oculus and Facebook intend to get the first VR out into your hands. In addition they anticipate doing so giving away a totally free game within the bundle. The upcoming EVE: Valkyrie.

Oculus Rift EVE: Valkyrie

In accordance with PC Magazine, Oculus declared the Oculus Rift was mainly intended for the gaming industry. To celebrate its upcoming release, pre-orders of the VR headset should include a free copy of “EVE: Valkyrie.”

CCP and Oculus have been working together since 2013, making Valkyrie tailored to play through the Oculus VR and give the users an ultimate gaming experience. Check out this video.

While Oculus has declared a preorder bundle for the Rift, there continues to be no confirmed date for when preorders will begin. Additionally, a special release date for the VR headset stays not clear.

Valkyrie is an offshoot of the massively multiplayer EVE Online, which is probably among the very sophisticated MMOs now out there.

The Oculus Rift is going to function as first VR headset which will possess a consumer variant when it starts next year. Pricing details and the beginning date of preorders, nevertheless, haven’t yet been verified. More information regarding the VR headset are likely to surface in the forthcoming weeks.


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