Google Nexus has been manufactured by many of its hardware manufacture partners to date. The Nexus 6P was made by Huawei and the successor handsets’ hardware is rumored to be produced by HTC. But according to some sources, this relationship with its partners are going to be changed shortly.

Based on yibada report, Google is apparently taking complete charge of the upcoming Nexus projects. The technology giant’s producing associates are reduced to small players like HTC and Huawei.

However, the website, The Information reports, Google is planning to manage its own Nexus smartphone project by restricting dependence on hardware manufacturing companies for the layout of its own smartphones. Google CEO Sundar Pichai needs to “vertically integrate” the Nexus application within Google, indicating an Apple-like direction for the Internet services firm.

Google’s strategy would be to contract firms like Foxconn to do the making, which means that you could just see Google-branding to the upcoming Nexus smartphones. That is strikingly much like Apple, which does iPhone layout in house, but outsources the production work.

The organization has taken the same no-associate strategy for the Pixel devices, which don’t have any branding other than Google’s and have elements from various supply chain partners.

This kind of move may be dangerous. According to tipsters, Google keeps a 15 percent cut of revenues. If the company decides to make changes in the production process, its partners might not even get their brand names on the back of the handset. Besides promoting Android in general what will be the point? Nevertheless, there may be some takers. HTC is apparently among them and possibly in talks with the tech giant about making more Nexus hardware in the future.

The Nexus software has had several hardware associates, including HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola and Samsung. As it had been anticipated to function as producer of another Nexus smartphone HTC may feel some negative ramifications in the newest move under Pichai.

Completely Google-designed Nexus mobiles might not merely give Android a larger share of the high end mobile market (where Apple booms), but make a much better showcase for Google services.


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