Freedom 251: Not A Successful Launch, Controversies

Freedom 251 Launch

What are on earth is going on with the company Ringing Bells? Despite of all the media attention, the company failed to successfully launch Freedom 251. We posted an article about Freedom 251 yesterday but we didn’t expect it to be a disappointment.

It all started at 6 AM, when the India is awaiting for the launch but their website was down for almost 30 minutes. It was UP again but only lasted for a couple of mins. #Freedom251, the most trending twitter hashtag in India for today. Yet, they failed to grab the success and there’s nobody but themselves are to be blamed.

We contacted Ringing Bells via twitter about the status and their response was, “thanks you @TechnoDoze for your support”. No explanation about the issue whatsoever.

The company then tweeted apologizing for the delay, said their team is working to fix it. But the issue has not resolved.

However, after 4 hours of frustration, the website is now UP and Running but the order page is not processing as it supposed to be. There must be some sort of error in the script which is very unprofessional. Honestly, nobody would consider this as an excuse.


Freedom 251 Launch
Mohit Goel, right, Director of Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd., and Ashok Chadha, left, spokesperson, show a Freedom 251 smartphone (AP)

Tech giants like Gizmodo, GSMArena and many other sites had featured the Freedom 251 internationally. It would have been a great promotion for the company if they had delivered as promised.

I have seen some of the twitter members claimed to have successfully placed an order but highest percentage of the people are still facing difficulties. We are still getting Service Unavailable error while placing an order.

FirstPost published an article with the title “Yes, the Freedom 251 at Rs 251 is awesome, but thank you!”.

We believe, Freedom 251 launch would have been a great success if Ringing Bells had tied up with Flipkart or other E-Commerce website. We created a poll in twitter and 71% of voters agrees with us, while 15% says, it doesn’t matter.

Finally, after almost 6 hours, the order page is disabled and displayed a notification.

Freedom 251 Notification

Even that notification has typos and spelling mistakes. If I had given a chance to be anyone in the world for today, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t choose to be Mohit Goel. What a shame!!!

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