Apple Inc. bought an Artificial Intelligence startup Emotient Inc, that reads human emotions by analyzing facial expressions, according to the latest report on The Wall Street Journal.

Artificial intelligence is becoming a strategically important region for Apple as it seeks to construct applications that is smart tying together its numerous products. One of the biggest companies in the world has sought to hire more individuals to run advanced research in the area and got two other AI startups – VocalIQ and Perception.

Enhancing picture recognition is one of the hottest topics in Silicon Valley, where Apple competitors Facebook, Alphabet’s Google among others are investing heavily in artificial intelligence techniques.

Apples has not commented on what they are going to do with Emotient’s technology yet. Doctors also have examined it to interpret signals of pain as well as a retailer used it to track shoppers’ facial expressions in shop aisles, the firm had said.

San Diego based Emotient was founded in 2012, had formerly raised $8 million. The firm were seeking a fresh round of venture capital funding, but was unable to procure it on conditions that were advantageous according to a person familiar with the issue.

The software of Emotient reads the expressions of large crowds as well as individuals to get insights which can be utilized by advertisers to evaluate a medical practitioner or viewer reaction to comprehend signals of pain in patients.

Other notable technology executives and also Tesla Motors Chief Executive Elon Musk announced $1 billion in funds for an artificial intelligence nonprofit called OpenAI last month.

According to The Wall Street Journal last January, Dr Paul Ekman, a psychologist and an adviser to Emotient said, the technology could show people’s emotions without their permission, as well as their feelings may be misinterpreted.

Dr Ekman said he has driven Emotient to warn folks when it is scanning their faces in public places, and still has these concerns, but the firm has not consented to do so. A Emotient spokeswoman says the firm does not disclose information about people, just aggregate data.

Among more-recognized firms, Google in 2012 printed a paper detailing an artificial intelligence software learned itself to recognize cats. Though it’s tread more carefully around facial recognition the organization has accommodated that applications to enhance search results. It prohibited any programs because of its Google Glass Web-connected eyewear that used facial recognition.

Facebook has been more competitive, rolling out facial recognition applications across its social network that automatically recognizes faces to allow it to be more easy to label people in pictures. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said he expects to construct his own artificial intelligence helper (more like Jarvis) which could recognize his friends at the front door to let them in.


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