2016: The Beginning Of Virtual Reality Future

2016: The Beginning of Virtual Reality Future

2016 will be the biggest year for Virtual Reality. After many years of development, VR headsets will be released to the consumers in the first half of the year. Consumers can expect more VR devices in 2016.

The much awaited VR headset Oculus is going to be launched in the first quarter of the year, Followed by the Vive by Taiwan’s HTC, will be launched in April. Another PC peripheral developed in combination with gaming company Valve. In the first half, Sony is expected to launch its PlayStation VR (previously Project Morpheus) which is an add-on for the PlayStation 4.

Sony PlayStation VR Headset

The technology industry will launch an enormous campaign to make it part of regular life, although virtual reality continues to be little more than a novelty. Another generation of immersive reality devices from companies like Microsoft and Sony are one of the most highly anticipated VR devices of next year after Oculus Rift, and businesses including fashion to film are contemplating the options of the technology that is improving.

The gadgets likely to really go on sale through the initial half of 2016 range from the HTC Vive the Oculus Rift, the PlayStation VR headset as well as the augmented -reality Microsoft HoloLens, allowing the wearer to see pictures along with their real life field. These headsets will not begin a revolution immediately, however. It’ll probably take them to produce a broad variety of software to help make the technology an everyday tool although programmers are ready to try the graphics ability of the devices, says a research director at market analysis company Gartner, Brian Blau.

Virtual reality is undebatably the next big thing. The coming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be the showcase for the upcoming VR devices.

Apple, on the other hand, is yet to catch-up with the competitors like Oculus, Sony, Samsung and Google Cardboard who are already promoting their brand of VR headsets.

Since Apple has experimented with virtual reality headsets last May and it is got augmented reality business Metaio, it is also possible that one of the largest tech firms in the world will jump into the VR space.

Apple is going to be very aggressive on VR devices in 2016, says FBR’s Daniel Ives. According to Ives, this move will represent a natural extension of the iPhone ecosystem that is already in place.

Drones and Wearables such as the Apple Watch are trending right now, but Ives considers that VR is to the cusp to become a popular new consumer product.

It is doubtful that a sub-par VR encounter will run to marketplace, however many Google cardboard units or Samsung goggles are outside in the wild. Needless to say, we can not count out Microsoft with it’s own unique focus on Hololens and augmented reality. The landscape is changing, so it is likely a great wager that Apple will enter the VR picture soon enough.

Virtual-reality device sales is going to hit 14 million units worldwide in 2016, supplying a solid launching point for the group, based on information released from the Topology Research Institute, a department of research company TrendForce. TrendForce expects 18 million VR unit sales in 2017 and by the end of the year 2018, it will reach 22 million and could reach 38 million in 2020.

TrendForce said gain in the hardware space will ultimately drives the success of virtual reality. When marketplace “participants have reached real sales results and made gain,” the company said, an increasing amount of “content services for VR hardware” will soon be produced accessible.

As time goes on, virtual reality is likely to expand beyond gaming. Virtual reality in movies that will make audience enjoy the whole new environment.

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