Logic Pro X 10.0.7 – New version released by Apple supports 24 threads on 12 Core Mac

Logic Pro is one of the renowned Music and Sound editing app by Apple. Recently Apple released a new version on Logic Pro, titled Logic Pro X 10.0.7 and in this article I will be covering whats new in this version of Logic Pro.

You can get the update free of cost if you have already purchased Logic Pro X. If not, you can purchase the app for $199.99 in the Mac App Store.

New Features of Logic Pro X for Max OS:

There is a lot of betterment in release 10.0.7 of Logic Pro X. All new features can be known here, I will be covering some important ones.

logic-pro-x-new-releaseThe new Logic Pro X contains:

  • Bug fixes that improve XML import and export with Final Cut Pro X
  • Support of up to 24 processing threads on Macs with 12 cores. (A major performance improvement)
  • Automation can now be copied and pasted to any location using the Marquee tool
  • Audio is now exported as 24-bit in projects exported to Final Cut Pro X XML.

And many other UI and performance issues. I am sure the future releases of Logic Pro X are going to bring a revolution in professional sound editing.

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