Folder locker proves to be a very useful tool that saves your private data from unauthorized people.

Are you tired of silly folder lockers that stop working after Windows re-installation or software removal?

Let’s meet a powerful password locker for folders that has quite impressive tools.

So what we are going to uncover today is a tiny yet powerful tool that seems to solve your problems regarding to private data security.

We are going to discover following features:

  • Lock / Unlock folder.
  • Each folder with its own different password.
  • Make folder totally inaccessible to anybody except you! It means nobody can copy, move, rename or delete folder without your permission.
  • Windows re-installation? No problem, your folder still remains password protected!

Before getting into details of the above features, let me ask you whether you know about folder locker? If you know about them and have been using them, then you can skip upcoming part of this article, otherwise keep on reading to know about folder locker software.

What is Folder Locker and Why We Use it?

When we talk about folder locker, it’s more obvious that we mean a software that gets installed in any operating system such as Windows and gives you authority to lock the folder so that nobody else can access your private data.

Some of these software also offers extra options for better security, like disable deletion, copy, move and open the folder. But in most cases, the main options are almost same, that is, securing the data by locking the folder with a password.

How to Lock / Unlock Folder?

Locking or unlocking any folder with Alfa Folder Locker is quite easy. It doesn’t require you to be an advanced security agent to do this hard task. You just need to install Alfa Folder Lock on your computer.

Click here to download

After download has completed, install this software. Installation is as easy as the other normal software installation. It should not take more than a few seconds to complete the installation process. Simply, run the program and it will be launched on the screen.

alfa locker

The user interface is quite simple. There are two obvious ways to password protect your desired folder:

  1. Open the program and click on ‘Browse’ button. Navigate to your folder and select it.
  2. Right click on the folder and select the folder lock option from the menu. If you can’t find this option on right click, then go to the main program window (as you opened it in step 1 above, simply execute the program and it will be displayed on screen), make sure the Context Menu option is checked. This option, if checked, will integrate folder lock option to Windows right click context menu. After you have done this successfully, go to the folder you want to encrypt, right click on it and the folder locker option would be there.

Protect Each Folder with a Unique Password

Ever heard of master password? You might be familiar with the master key, mostly used in movies, where some actor makes a key that can unlock all locks easily.

But the master password story is a bit different, it’s not invented by somebody else, but you. If you lock all of your folders with the same password it’s called master password.

There are two common reasons that make people set a master password for data encryption; either the locker software has limited capability to set a single code for every folder that you lock or the user is lazy enough to rely on a single password same for everything.

It’s okay if you have a strong password and don’t show any clue to anybody about your password. But what will happen if you leave some clue or anything that made somebody able to guess your password and get access to your private folder?

Yeah, it’s totally unethical and illegal. But why blame others if the weakness is from your side? Why say other people stupid enough to step into our privacy when we are leaving ourselves open to them? You are strongly recommended to either lock your data with some strong password, plus use different passwords for folders. It seems extra hard work, but it can ensure you much more safety of your private data than a single master password.

No wonders here, you have ability to encrypt your each folder with a unique password with Alfa Folder Locker. Cheer up, it’s that easy. But don’t forget your passwords or keep them in some place that’s much safer than your computer or device.

Make Your Data Only Yours!

Alfa Folder Locker empowers you to make your files only accessible by you. Nobody else can copy, move, edit, rename, delete or make any other manipulation to your folders. You can do these operations to your data only after unlocking the folder by entering correct password that you had set yourself.

Survival on Windows Re-installation

The issue with almost all (not all, but most of them) work on Windows layer. It means when somebody re-installs the Windows or gets access to registry editor or some other things that those folders use to lock some folder, the folder gets unlocked.

In most of cases, Windows reinstallation wipes all the security out that those lockers were claiming for your private folder. But Alfa Folder Locker makes its own way to survive your data. It works even if you un-install and reinstall the operating system.

Essential Summary

Alfa Folder Locker helps you safeguard your private data from unauthorized access. Nobody can copy, edit, delete or move your encrypted data without entering correct password.

You are strongly recommended to keep your password strong and safe. Moreover, change the passwords after some period, weekly, monthly or whatever you find appropriate.

We personally advise you to keep checking your folders protection regularly after some days. Check if everything works fine, try wrong passwords to check whether the locker is working fine. Don’t rely on just a software security, human efforts are necessary to avoid undesirable consequences.

Don’t solely depend on encrypting your data and keeping your computer or device anywhere. Consider software encryption a strong security layer, but you have to protect this layer by keeping your devices with you or place them in a safe place when not in use. Data encryption can stop anybody steal your device with your data. Although the thief will not be able to get into your privacy, but you will lose your private and important data. Take care of things yourself too.

These are some extra tips that may seem extra effort, but will surely help you.



  1. AOA,
    I am in problem. I Locked the folder with AlphaLocker then i also reinstall the windows after installation of AlphaLocker, I unlock the folder and tried to open the pic etc, but due to this “access denied ” error i’m unable to access my data. How can i access my data?

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