The Lumia cyan update in 2014 came with many improvements and new features for the windows phone user. With this new update, the user could add another row of tiles, change the background of tiles and the main plus point was that the background could be replaced with the picture of your choice.

But after the update, many people found it difficult to choose the correct background for the tiles, some pictures won’t look good, some pictures would not fit and so on. But worry no more. Windows has finally released an app to help the Wndows Phone users with this.

#TILEART is an app that lets you customize your tile screen and your lock aswell. The #TILEART app also helps you to customize the layout of your tile screen, change background and even share your customization with your friends and the world. It can be easily be downloaded from windows store and it is quite easy to learn as well.


If you are thinking on how far you can go with this app, here are some main aspects:

  • You can create your own personalized tile layout (Now who doesn’t like to personalize their things?)
  • You can also use transparent PNG images
  • #TILEART is also equipped with its own image gallery (So, if you’re just lazy to search for backgrounds you can always use those)
  • You can also customize your lock screen (Well, that’s an added bonus. Put up a lock screen that goes with your tile screen. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?)
  • Share your work (Customize and show it off to your friends)
  • Tutorials at each and every step (Whether you are customizing your tile screen or lock screen, you are always guided by tutorials and how to’s, just to make it a little easy for everyone else)

Here is what #TILEART’s gallery looks like,

#TileArt Gallery
#TileArt Gallery

Also have a look at some creations made by some users,







WHAT I THINK: According to me, this app could add some more wallpapers to the gallery. Another thing that I found was that the app lags a few times. Apart from that, Microsoft has certainly improved its game by showing that it is willing to take customization to a whole new level.

TO DOWNLOAD TILEART: Just scan the QR code using your windows phone.

#tileart Qr code
#TileArt QR Code

or visit the Link.


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