Samsung Galaxy S6 is reported to pack a 2600 mAh battery, 200 mAh less than Galaxy S5 with 2800 mAh battery power.

Now a days, every smartphone technology claims to bring better yet compact version of hardware equipment, especially batteries. Batteries are lifeblood of smartphones. Nobody likes to charge the smartphone twice or even once a day. An amazing phone with a poor battery doesn’t seem to appeal anyone, except the true fans.

A smartphone with a higher mAh battery is obviously better than a phone with similar specifications but having smaller mAh battery power. Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to appear with even improved hardware and accessories than Galaxy S5. But the downside with this model is a small cut in battery energy volume.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Performance

Samsung Galaxy S5 has 2800 mAh battery embedded. It is boasted to have a good battery life that lasts 390 hours of standby and 21 hours of talk time. But practically, less than a year of usage, S5 drops its battery life in less than a single day.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Concept

Galaxy S6 is reported to be featured with a fixed (non-removable) 2600 mAh battery, a reduction of 200 mAh from S5. This may even disappoint those geeks who have plans to replace the genuine battery with some custom high capacity battery.

More Powerful Smartphone with a Lower Battery

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (codename EB-BG925ABE) is expected to hit the market this year with 2600 mAh battery. Here are a few snapshots taken from the battery manufacturer are a clear proof of this rumor to be true.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery mAh 2600 live pictures 2
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery

Galaxy S6 Edge’s codename is also called to be G925. The above pictures are strongly assumed to be the built-in batteries for Samsung’s next major smartphone release.

Why Samsung Chose a Lower Battery in Galaxy S6?

Well, the most precise answer may have a lot of reasons than anybody can think of, but an obvious reason is the less power hungry hardware of Galaxy S6. Galaxy S5 has Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, while Samsung Galaxy S6 is supposed to equip Exynos chipset, that’s considered less power and resource hungry than former one.

Final Thoughts

Although this rumor seems to be true to some extent, but decisions can be changed till the final release hits the market. So let’s hope to have Samsung Galaxy S6 more than 2600 mAh battery and save people to have another horrible smartphone that needs to be charged daily.


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