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You’ve probably heard your grandmother (or really hipster,retro-obsessed friend) complain about the way technology has taken over our lives. Devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops are not only ubiquitous, but have thoroughly robbed the average person of the ability to appreciate the beauty of the present moment.

While it can be easy to write such technophone notions off as backwards or behind the times, there is undoubtedly a certain truth to them. These days it is nearly impossible to enjoy a few moments of tech-free peace. Indeed, the very element that makes portable computers amazing━meaning the fact that with them you can be dialled-in whenever and wherever you are━is also the same element that makes them such utterly draining devices.


Life is hectic and crazy enough, wouldn’t it be nice to get away from all the internet noise and chatter, and enjoy the simplicity of the moment? Light is a phone designed to enable you to do just that. It’s a sleek anti-smartphone that can only accept and make calls. It’s battery lasts for twenty days, and it receives forwarded calls from your regular smartphone. In short, it is a phone, and only a phone.

Thus far the Light Phone is still in its pre-order phase and will not be released until the summer of 2016, so in one year. However, this unique project has already received a great deal of press and has people questioning their smartphones all over the world. Is it really worth it to give up your app-heavy smartphone for a simpler device that will reward you a few hours or days of peace?

My personal vote is a resounding yes. I for one am sick and tired of always being tuned-in. Even when I try to ignore notifications and messages, I still know that they are there, and just that knowledge alone is enough to get me on edge. I cannot wait to get the Light Phone, and enjoy a simple calling experience, sans texting, Facebook Messenger and Gmail.

The opposite case, however, can also be made. Many people find it necessary to be plugged-in 24/7. It’s easier to reach people that way, and if you use your phone for work, then it will be very difficult to give up the high-tech smartphone. And then of course, there is the entertainment factor. What will we do now in the dentist’s office, or grocery line, or on the subway, if we don’t have smartphones to distract us?

Upon further reflection, it seems to me that this may very well be the defining debate of our time. Moreover, it’s up to each of us to decide on which side of the smartphone line our comfort and beliefs lie.

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Lilit Markosian is a freelance writer from San Francisco who currently focuses on tech news and virtual reality. This article is written on behalf of Time2 Online Tablet Store in UK.
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