It’s always been rumored the upcoming flagship smartphone from LG is likely to come in having a brand new style in addition to a full-metal body. Today, there is a source from Korea indicating the rumors may not be false in the end.

G4 was likely to grab the attention following the effective work of the G3 but the version of this season could not create the exact same effect. The device was no where near any of its rival’s in terms of specifications. LG devices have a remarkable style of design however the selection of the material makes it less desirable compared to other flagships.

LG continues to be encountering deficits and some issues, mainly because of its reduced revenue since a couple of months. Their decision to adopt the full-metal material in the design would be a step up for the company. If it really wants to be considered a powerful competitor within the high end smartphone marketplace.

LG is likely to correct this style drawback using LG G5’s next version. Based on a study from Gsmarena, an all-metal unibody design will be sported by the unit. Within the G4, there was a back-panel the absolute most quality the unit could easily get however the organization may study from its errors and provide an all- frame in its flagship.

According to a source, this LG G5 style is a “major step-up,” compared to the prior design. The device is likely to be available to consumers in the first quarter of 2016. G5’s metal use was not verified therefore consider the info could just be a rumor.


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