BlackBerry a leading mobile company has made its Trademark in the smartphone world with its own BB OS. The company recently has seen a great downfall in its revenues which made to kick start its second career by stepping into Android.

BlackBerry very recently launched the first ever Android based “BlackBerry PRIV” mobile which has received a good welcome from android users. In a similar type, the next mobile is making all its way to meet the android users soon.

Soon after a statement made by CEO-John Chen that BlackBerry is planning to launch new android mobiles in the global market, surprisingly the new pictures of the second android mobile BlackBerry VIENNA which hasn’t publicly launched yet, have been leaked (source CrackBerry).

Here is the expected design.


( Source: CrackBerry )

There is nothing much difference in the outline design compared to “priv” but it is clear that the slider may be taken out in this model. Again BB is probably trying to stick to the BlackBerry layout by keeping its standard physical keyboard (Qwerty) as always.

From the image above, the front is seen with a touch display, with the same physical keyboard below and a front camera is fixed at the top. The rear holds the camera with flash. The volume control buttons on the right side and power button fits on the left side. Full details have not been finalized yet and this may not be the final product.

The buyers are expecting a full touch display with no physical keyboard at a better price, where the price of PRIV ($699) has become a limitation to budget buyers. Lets hope the best.

Though entering of BB into the Android market doesn’t change the future of the android phones but surely may bring back the fame once it had in the smartphone world.


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