Which one is better???

Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5

This question is a bit difficult. No matter Apple iPhone 5 running on iOS6 brought some new features like 4G support, lighter in weight, but when it comes to these two, Samsung Galaxy SIII had already these features (it was released earlier than iPhone 5). By analyzing user interface and other features, my personal opinion is that SIII is currently the best smartphone which even has left iPhone before, which is odd because it never happened before.

Apple could be named as one-man-company. Till Steve Jobs was alive Apple was releasing new and new and new features with the record for always being the best, but since he died last year this new release of iPhone 5 is the evidance of where the graph of Apple is going.

But still old Apple user will have to cop on with this dull release of iPhone because it is the only option for syncing the other Apple products.

Below is a comparison of iPhone 5 and SIII.
(Review by: pcmag)

(Review by: pcmag)
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