HTC with Firefox OS (FxOS) phones are reported to be in test process. It could be a remarkable milestone for HTC to bring a powerful phone with a very lightweight OS, offered by Mozilla.

HTC is stated to experiment upcoming smartphone named Hima (One M9). This model can be unveiled at MWC 2015 at Barcelona.

HTC Phones with Firefox OS

Why Firefox OS Got Respect?

The backup point with Firefox OS is the good reputation Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox, the popular web browser. FxOS is also known as Boot to Gecko or B2G.

It’s based on Linux kernel with open source operating system. Mozilla has been working on several open source projects including Firefox OS and Firefox web browser.

It has grown a huge community of developers and fans who are constantly working together to make things more user friendly. That’s why open source projects are liked so much.

The Future of Firefox OS with HTC

Anyhow, HTC developers are testing Firefox OS on many devices. Firefox OS has grown to a full functional operating system for smartphones. Even though it is not equipped with such powerful features as other giants like Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry have, yet it’s a lightweight OS that is able to run smoothly on the devices having low specifications.

This pleasantly strange news was posted on Twitter by @upleaks that reveals that HTC developers are working on a project to bring a future release of HTC phones with Firefox OS.


Firefox OS Smartphones in the Market

Some smartphones manufacturer companies like LG, Huawei, ZTE and Alcatel have employed Firefox OS (FxOS) to their devices but almost none of these have remarkable hardware specs. May be it was undertaken to prove the boast that Firefox OS is capable to run even on a low-end hardware without any issue. These devices have fairly low price as well.

LGFx0 is one of the mentionable smartphone with comparatively high standard specifications, manufactured by LG. It’s an interesting phone with innovative transparent look. The Home button has Firefox traditional logo on it.


LG has restricted LGFx0 to only sell in Japan. It is not available in the international markets outside of Japan.

It seems that the trend is going to be changed from big giants to new comers. Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry may lose their popularity as the Firefox OS and Ubuntu touch have started to dig their paws in smartphone industry. Let’s see who wins this tech rival.

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