You might have heard a lot about getting many SIMs on your cell phone with dual SIM and quad SIM phones, but have you heard about getting as many numbers as you want on the single SIM???

I hope no.

But yeah, that’s now possible with the Swytch’s new app that will create a virtual Swytch board for you allowing you to burn multiple numbers on your mobile, as many as you want.

U.K. Based Swytch App Creates a Virtual Swytch-board for You. But How??

U.K Based Startup Swytch
U.K Based Startup Swytch

U.K. startup Swytch, a great new app combines a cloud based mobile network and dialer app that will let you use multiple phone numbers on a single SIM, so now you’ll be saved from the Hassle of changing multiple SIM cards for your many uses.

“Swytch provides you with additional numbers on your existing phone. So you don’t change your phone, you don’t change your SIM card, you don’t change your network operator, we can add lots of numbers on top of that that you can make and receive calls on, and texts. And they’re all live at the same time,” says startup Swytch co-founder Chris Michael.

Operating Systems that will Support Swytch App:

Chris Micheal mentioned that both Android and iOS will support Swytch app and then later they will support Tabs and iPad also.

“You can take an iPad and turn it into an iPhone because the only difference between an iPhone and an iPad is that you can make and receive calls and text messages… on the phone. And we can do that now on an iPad as well,” says Michael.

Swytch – First Multiple Phone Numbers App in U.K.:

There are certain companies in U.S. that are providing Multiple mobile numbers but startup Swytch is the first of its kind in the U.K. And they have also made this service paid, so that no Scammers get benefited from it.

Have a look at few Screen shots of startup Swytch ‘burner’ app in action:

(Pictures courtesy Swytch)

UK based Swytch Multi Number App 1UK based Swytch Multi Number App












UK based Swytch Multi Number App 3













I hope you must have got some idea regarding the burner feature of Swytch’s new app. Share your comments regarding app.


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