Most of the people are not aware much about the windows phone and thus find it difficult to use its full features properly. I will discuss some cool tricks that will enable you to find some exciting stuff in the windows phone.

  1. Not finding Cortana in your phone? Here is the trick

Cortana Player in Windows Phone

In many countries, Windows phone special feature “Cortana” is not available so the users cannot find them in their phone. Cortana is a built in feature in window phone but its availability varies country to country. Here are the following steps that you can follow to use Cortana in your phone.

  1. Open “Settings” in your windows phone

cortana player

  1. Swipe through the “System” bar


  1. Select “Language” and proceed.
  1. Change the language settings to “English (United States)” in the language module of the standard Windows Phone Settings app. This is done by first adding the language (requires a download) and then enabling the language (requires a reboot).


  1. Change the region setting to “United States” in the region module of the standard Windows Phone Settings app. You should also check that region format is set to “match phone settings”. Changing the region setting will require a reboot.


After making the changes and restarting the phone, the Cortana app should be displayed in the app list. If you are not finding it restart your phone again.


  1. How to get “Moli Player” free in windows phone


Many windows phone users finds it difficult to play some video files like in .flv and .mkv formats. Moli Player is the best option to play all kind of format videos. But it is not free and have to be purchased which is an annoying thing for many users. I will tell you how to get Moli player for absolutely free. Follow these steps

  1. Go to the settings –> System –> Region


  1. In Region, Change the language from your current language to “Chinese” language.
  2. Also change the language in settings –> System –> language to “Chinese”
  3. If you don’t find the Chinese language, you have to add if (requires download) by tapping the plus “+” sign on the “language” tab.


  1. Restart your phone and then try to download “Moli Player pro” from the app store.

You will not be asked to pay for the “Moli Player pro” because it is free in China and so your phone has now changed language to Chinese so you are able to get it without paying a single rupee.

  1. How to save your battery from draining out quickly


Battery draining quickly is an issue because a lot of apps in windows phone are using battery in the background and thus the battery life is lost.

The simplest way to make the battery in your Windows Phone last longer between charges is to use Battery Saver app.


If you don’t have this app installed you can install it by

  1. Go to the app store and search for “Battery Saver”
  1. Download and install the app in your phone

Battery saver app keeps track of all your apps in your phone and their usage of battery so that you can close unwanted apps wasting your battery

With Battery Saver, you can turn off all non-essential features and conserve battery in just a few taps. Or, you can limit background usage to save power – you can see how much battery power your apps are consuming and change whether they can run in the background.

Article By: Aftab Akhtar [A technology geek at]


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