We all love WordPress. It charges you nothing and can also be used by anyone. In no time, it gets installed, and can be made to run very fast. But, you will also have to make it SEO friendly, as it is not. So we will follow some of the steps here so that it helps you with the SEO for your new WordPress blog. Given below are the 7 steps one can follow easily.

Privacy settings are important :

Privacy settings have to be carefully managed. It would be better if you uncheck this box of privacy setting. By doing that, you are favouring yourself by letting your site block from getting indexed from the different search engines. Whenever, your site will be googled, it will only show the sample page that you have in your site in the search result. As soon as you will launch your website, you can undo the change in the setting that you have made. You will find this under Settings>>Reading.

Permalink settings should be done :

For this, you have to select the custom structure option and then one can easily configure the search engine friendly URLs. Open the setting and add the required parameter.

SEO for your new wordpress

Uncategorized category should be renamed :

This is one of the common problems that can be seen across a lot of blogs. One should always try to make sure that there is no category called as the uncategorized. It is very easy to rename. Just click on the categorized settings and click on the edit part. And, now you can easily rename it by giving it some catchy title to attract the customers. By this, now you do not need to adjust the default category which is there in the writing panel.

SEO for your new wordpress

Customize :

This is the most important part to be focused on. WordPress has a feature that it will post your title in the form of HTML value only, and it does not care to include the meta description tag or the key word for that matter. So you can a couple of plugins that will help you to customize all these tags. You can use plugin like Yoast or All in one SEO pack plugin. It is easy to install, get it done and when you are on the admin page, you will be reminded of all the settings that are yet to be configured.

SEO for your new wordpress

Get over with 404 errors :

There are chances when you might get this when you are trying to access beyond the first page. But, this problem can be solved if you install the category pagination fix plugin. This will surely make sure that you do not get such errors. You do not need to do anything, but just activating it, starts working.

No unnecessary links :

Install remove link URL plugin and your job is done. WordPress has a feature that one uploads and they are inserted on its own. This is something which is not required and if by chance one clicks on the link, there will be no navigation and one has to go back.

Google analytics :

This is a must that should be added to your WordPress. Though there are a lot of them available, one can use Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin, it is because with this one can ignore administrators. With this, administrators can easily work on their site.


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