New Horizon Returns Best Close-Ups Of Pluto’s Surface

The pictures released by the US space agency reveal aspects of Pluto’s surface, including ice fields and mountains, craters, in a resolution better than 80 meters per pixel. That is 10 times the resolution of previous images, and displays an abundance of the moon Charon, along with info in the world and its own other satellites.

This highest resolution image from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft

Formerly released high resolution pictures from that historical flyby have shown geographic variety that is unparalleled from towering mountains, in the world, to frozen ice floes and sand dunes.

The most recent images, released to public this Friday, are a part of a sequence shot near New Horizons’ closest approach to Pluto and reveal a mixture of terrains which are mountainous, cratered and glacial NASA said in a statement. View more Pluto’s images.

Telescopic Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) captured these images about 15 minutes prior to the spacecraft’s closes approach to Pluto.


High quality picture of Mars or Venus was not available as Pluto’s until decades after their very first flybys.

These brand new pictures are five times much better than the best images of Pluto’s cousin Triton, Neptune’s large moon, got by Voyager 2, and six times much better in relation to the resolution of the international Pluto map New Horizons got.

Mission scientists expect more pictures in the newest set within another several days, revealing a lot more terrain at this maximum resolution.

Each week, the New Horizons spacecraft carries information saved on its digital recorders through the Pluto system on July 14 in 2013.
Planetary scientists however must examine all of the information to determine the way that it got to be that way — and the type of planet Pluto actually is.

NASA said scientists anticipate more pictures in the set over the forthcoming days, describing those received to date as “the greatest closeups of Pluto that people may see for decades.”

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