Yesterday I happened to check the Camera of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, its just awesome so I decided to write a camera review of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.


Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 Camera specs:

Galaxy S6 Edge is equipped with a powerful 16MP rear Camera and a very good 5MP front camera. You can read complete Galaxy S6 Edge specs to know about more features of S6 Edge, a new “masterpiece of elegance” by Samsung.

The most critical thing about the Galaxy S6 Edge camera is that it has awesome result in low light conditions or at night. Its light capturing reminds you of a wide aperture DSLR Camera. The camera of S6 has also a ultra-bright  flashlight for more perfect results.

The camera has  auto light sensor that varies the shutter aperture of camera depending on the light fallen on the sensor.

In following video you can examine the camera result of Galaxy S6 Edge under low light conditions:

[The video, though not in English is created by Youtube channel All About Samsung and shows a fairly nice view of S6 Edge camera]


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