Owning your own small wholesale business or are just in the planning stages, you have probably been considering using the point of sale (POS) machines. For most businesses, it is important to setup a machine that can accept money for goods and services as well as credit or debit cards. This is where a POS machine comes in handy. However, you cannot deny the fact that there are still some businesses in Singapore that still use the traditional cash registers and this is where they are missing out on a lot of things that only a wholesale POS machine can provide such as the following:

Easy to Accept Not Just Cash, but also Credit and Debit Cards

In the digital world and the fact that people no longer carry cash or checks, a typical cash registry cannot cope up with this. You are in fact limiting your business and missing out on a lot of sales. With a credit or debit card machine, you are able to maximize your sales easy and for your customers to make their shopping easy as well. Convenience in shopping or purchasing is important – and most customers do not mind paying for credit card charges as long as it is convenient for them to do the transaction without carrying a lot of cash. It is no longer practical to keep your cash anyway, so it should be easy for any business to change their ordinary cash register into something useful and can offer more for the business.


As far as checks versus cards, you would know directly if the transaction or payment is approved – unlike checks, there is a possibility that it might bounce or clearing time takes a day and that can be impractical in this fast paced world. Plus a bounced check can be costly as well.

Availability of Wireless Merchants

For those with restaurant businesses or wholesale/retail store, having a wireless merchant services can be advantageous because your customers need not worry about waiting in line or find them an open cash register, but the other way around – staffs can go to the customers.

Another great thing with wireless merchants is the fact that the customers do not need to worry about letting their credit or debit cards get out of their sight – all the transaction is done in front of their eyes. Other wireless merchant services give every business an option to email their receipts directly to their customers, which in turn can be good for the environment – eliminating wastes and reduce any overhead costs because the business no longer needs to buy any paper used for printing receipts.

Wholesale POS Machines are Flexible

Another great thing with using wholesale POS machines is the fact that they are very customizable and can be programmed to suit the needs of the business. POS machines can have features such as loyalty programs for their customers, discounts, process returns, void any items and more – all depends on the needs of the business. This is also the main reason why a lot of Singapore businesses treat the POS machine as a crucial tool for the success of their establishment that no ordinary cash register can measure up.

Wholesale POS machines are considered as great investments for any type of wholesale business – even retail stores can also use them with no problem. Success starts with the business’ adaptability to change and be able to meet or exceed the expectations of their customers – this means investing on a good POS machine to cater to the needs of your business and your customers.


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