There has been a lot of gossip in Freelancers, Bloggers, Businessmen and others now a days that Paypal services are going to start in Pakistan or not.

Many users have been sending me messages from last 3-4 days like:
>> Is Paypal available in Pakistan?
>> Can I use Paypal now in Pakistan?
>> Have you heard of news regarding Paypal introduced in Pakistan?

What Started all This Chaos?

A few days earlier, Paypal added ‘Pakistan’ into available country list of Paypal business account registration form, some of those freaks 😉 saw that and spoke with all their might.

So, freelancers here and there went crazy for that and tried to make a Paypal account for themselves. Though, to their disappointment, it was not yet available for Individual accounts.

A Healthy Rumor:

Some of them just leaked on a popular Social Media website, Facebook, that Paypal will be available to Pakistani audience by May, 2015., though they had no proper evidence.

But still, as it happens, the rumor not only floated in many Social circles but many of them actually believed it.

The Good News:

So here’s finally a good news for the freelancers in Pakistan that Paypal is actually expanding it’s services to Pakistan and the process will be complete within a few months. Our sources have confirmed this news.


1) Paypal has already started to open business accounts in Pakistan.


2) Hosting companies have already started to accept paypal in Pakistan, here is an example o GoDaddy domain registrar:


You can confirm this here.

So, are you waiting for Paypal to come in Pakistan soon?

We are soon going to break launch date of Paypal in Pakistan. Stay tune till then…!

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