Geoff Keighley, a Canadian game journalist and host of the VGA’a has tweeted today that there is going to be a special announcement by Oculus VR co-founder Palmer Luckey, at The Game Awards 2015, which is scheduled to air on Thursday, Dec 3 at 9pm EST. What announcement will it be is still unknown. It could just be more information regarding the company’s stake into the virtual reality world.


This 30 second video was released by Geoff Keighley featuring World premier of FARCRY® Primal, Quantam Break and Mortal Combat X. At the end, he mentioned a “special announcement from Oculus”.

With nothing being revealed as to what Luckey going to annouce, there’s likely to be a plenty of conjecture regarding what he could say. Windows Central has theorized the statement “could disclose special release date and the final pricing”. It’s obvious that fans expect more information about Oculus and its release date but it’s highly unlikely that this announcement involves news on any of that sort.

Having said that, an official release date for the Rift, which is still scheduled to be expected in Q1 2016, could well be around the table. And while it is tempting to believe when Palmer Luckey takes to the stage on Thursday, we might glean new details regarding the headset, it appears likely given the platform, the statement is likely to be associated with Rift content as opposed to hardware.

The Oculus Rift started development through Kickstarter in the year 2012, resulting in Oculus VR being bought by Facebook in 2014. Oculus powered Samsung VR headset for Galaxy Note5 and S6, came out earlier this month, which utilizes similar to Google Cardboard.


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