Kaymu.pk’s Newly Launched Video Ad Explaining Its Name

Kaymu.pk’s Newly Launched Video Ad Explaining Its Name

Have you seen the TVC of Kaymu.pk yet? This ad is promoting the site and increasing its sales. Is it a good business strategy? Let’s learn all about it in the article below.

The emergence of ecommerce sector in Pakistan has led to the growth of online market vendors doing their businesses in the country. In the past two years, Kaymu has emerge successful among all. With its optimized customer satisfaction and ultimate shopping experience, the marketplace is gaining popularity among a large customer base.

Advertising online is not a new strategy in business but Kaymu has gone a step ahead this time too by launching TVC to promote its site with a catchy jingle. Though there are number of other e-commerce websites launching TV Ads but Kaymu.pk is the first site to launch a jingle.

What’s all the hype behind the Kaymu ad?

Kaymu’s TVC went on air on 21st April, 2016. The duration of the ad is 45 seconds so it’s a short one but with a big message for all. Within this duration, the video successfully explains the reasons to shop from Kaymu. There are ten different characters shown in the ad who belong to different classes. The ad shows whether you’re rich and powerful like a politician or simply a laborer, you can all shop from this online marketplace which is accessible to all. Including father, mother and brother in the ad shows that this is a family-oriented marketplace that include a wide variety of products for different types and tastes of people at affordable rates.

‘Ab tou sab kay muunh pey hai Kaymu’ says it all!

The tagline ‘Ab tou sab kay muunh pey hai Kaymu’ cannot be simplified further. The word ‘Kaymu’ is broken into ‘kay muunh’ which explains that Kaymu is popular enough to be known by everyone. The creative idea behind the video is phenomenal. The Kaymu video ad shows how the customers can order the products online. The downloaded app of Kaymu is seen on the smartphone and the steps for ordering and delivery are also shown. Kaymu is also offering cash on delivery facility to attract the customers. The theme of the jingle is fun and catchy so that it is easily promoted. The tune is melodious and those who like it a lot can also download this jingle and make it their mobile ringtone.

The ad not only makes a lot of sense but has turned viral since its launch. Let’s see how more people react to it.

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