Kaymu.pk to Offer Discount Shopping Deals Every Weekend

Kaymu.pk to Offer Discount Shopping Deals Every Weekend

The online shopping activity in Pakistan has significantly hiked in the last few years. People are becoming busy in their lifestyles and prefer to shop online. Online shopping allows them to shop for a range of different brands at one place instead of visiting each brand outlet physically. The online marketplaces have also played a positive role in promoting the online shopping among Pakistanis. Kaymu has been a front-runner in this regard and has always given a lot of major online shopping deals in Pakistan. Black Friday and Christmas sales were very well received.

Now keeping in line with the positive tradition, Kaymu will be offering weekend shopping deals. Every weekend, you will find discounts on a number of major product categories. Being a marketplace, Kaymu has a number of sellers and maintaining a healthy relation with them is key in successfully puling such campaigns off.  With the collaboration of verified sellers, Kaymu has a treat for online shoppers in Pakistan. Let’s take a look at the major product categories on which you can get weekend discounts:


Quality clothing is needed by men, women and kids. From t shirts and chinos to jackets and sweaters, you can now avail significant discounts on a number of clothing items. These clothes are of leading brands and by buying them at value, you can easily fulfill all your fashion needs.


Everybody likes a nice smelling person. You can avail significant discounts on branded perfumes for both men and women. Designer fragrances usually are really expensive but through this discount, you can get them for great value for money.


Cosmetics like makeup from leading brands can be bought online at amazing prices. You can fulfil all your beauty needs by availing significant discounts on weekends.

Home Appliances

Home appliances are always a huge investment. These are for the long term. LED TVs, washing machines etc. are always required by households. As they tend to cost a lot, you can get them at amazing prices thanks to Kaymu’s discount offer. As you also get warranty and are covered by effective return policies, you can take full advantage of this amazing offer.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances like microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee makers etc. are in demand and offer ease of use. You can get discounts on a lot of major branded items.

Gaming Consoles

The gaming community is increasing rapidly in Pakistan. Hence, the demand for gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation is on the rise. You can get them as well as the leading games like GTA V, FIFA etc. at very attractive prices through this weekend deal.

Kaymu is the leading face of the shift towards online shopping and such deals are an integral part of this process.

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