Google just released a brand new app for Cardboard that stitches 3D panoramas together so users see and can create their particular virtual reality experiences. Cardboard Camera, presently accessible exclusively for Android, basically turns your smartphone into a recreational VR camera.

The Google Cardboard Camera program lets you snap your own personal virtual reality photos for seeing in Google Cardboard. Anyone who is taken a panoramic picture using their smartphone knows the way to utilize this app.

New Cardboard App Turns Panoramas into 3D Virtual Reality

Select a place with fine scenery, hold your mobile in portrait mode and spin around in a circle. The program gives cues if you are spinning too fast to you as well as steers you. It will take about 15 seconds to process and get a real photograph. Google Product Manager Mike Podwal said, “it takes no longer than 30 seconds to record a video on average”. You can also choose to capture sound with the image.

Virtual reality is becoming the following frontier for Silicon Valley. VR, once largely the vision of video game manufacturers is being re-imagined by technology giants from Facebook to Samsung, as an everyday encounter that may contain visits or virtual museum tours to physicians that are far-flung.

That is among the reason why VR goggle manufacturer Oculus was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion. Oculus teamed up to make the Gear VR, a $99 headset which uses Samsung mobiles as displays. Cardboard is not a lot more expensive, around $25 a unit is fairly low price tag. Google does not sell itself to the headsets, but makes the strategies accessible to external sellers.

Last month, Google-owned YouTube launched a “Cardboard mode” for its Android app, which lets every video in YouTube’s enormous library to be seen via the headset. Even content not becomes more immersive using Cardboard.

For virtual reality to get more helpful to everyone, people must get used to having it in their lives. Google is attempting to create as much VR content.

Cardboard Camera probably be readily available for iOS in the coming weeks.


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