In the International Space Station, astronaut Scott Kelly continues to be tweeting spectacular pictures of the Planet for the past year. On Sunday, he might have tweeted a photograph of an UFO.

That is what alien obsessives and conspiracy theorists would have you consider.

Their evidence is “clearly” noticeable in a photograph Kelly tweeted in the ISS over India on Saturday.

You can clearly notice a large object with two lights on each end, at the top right corner of the picture, an youtube video is posted by an alien hunter Sonofmabarker quoting, “it also seems to be constructed and large”.


NASA frequently cuts away when it is out of range or to alter cameras. However, many conspiracy theorists asserted to have seen UFOs. Plus the conspiracy theorists maintain NASA stopped the stream to avoid individuals seeing the ‘aliens’.

This could be to get several reasons, including the station going out of range. It is also exceptionally improbable that this feed is monitored by NASA continuously, as it runs nearly around the clock seven days per week, besides these short stops.

Like Sunday’s picture, the supposed UFO appears like it may be made from steel, is illuminated on both ends, and seems within the upper-right part of the picture.


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