Beyond Windows Blue and Threshold, Windows 10 is believed to have a major update with a codename “Redstone”. It could also be called Windows 2016.

Microsoft enjoys teasing with codenames. Remember the days before Windows 8? It was named as ‘Windows Blue’, while the Windows 10 had a codename ‘Threshold’ before it got the official name of the new OS as Windows 10, instead of Windows 9, that was expected.

While Microsoft is currently working on Windows 10, it is reported to work on the future update plans at the same time. It’s not a surprise as Microsoft has supercharged its efforts to capture the market with its technology.

Microsoft Redstone release date 2016

It could be a desktop or may be mobile update, but according to Windows 10 nature, there are strong chances it will cover at least these both and may be all Microsoft products.

What will be the official name of Redstone? It’s far away from now as you see the Microsoft Edge browser has not got its final and official name yet, while it’s almost ready to replace Internet Explorer and use as a modern web browser.

As it would be an update, it would not change the name of the Windows 10 operating system, but it’ll probably integrate as a major update to OS or there are vague chances that it could be kind of Service Pack for Windows 10. However, there are strong rumors that Redstone will be a major update, larger than normal updates that will support all devices running Windows 10 OS actively.

At the moment, Microsoft prefers to not disclose any bit of information about Redstone, however, this name has appeared in Minecraft, now owned by Microsoft.

No final words on Redstone so far, but this cloud can be a part of storm. We’ll keep you updated about this. If you see any bit of Redstone anywhere, make sure to let us know.


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