Cortana feature doesn’t work in Microsoft Edge for most of restaurants and other websites. But there is a site found to work with Cortana.

Windows 10 latest build appeared with a gift of Spartan browser, a project that Microsoft has been working while browser lovers had been craving to put their hands on that mysterious browser. And finally, Microsoft shipped their most awaited browser for the public in latest build.

Microsoft had announced that their new browser will revolutionize the browsers world with a lot of features, extensions, and best user experience. One of the big features announced was Cortana integration in Edge browser.

If you have tried Spartan in Windows 10, you might be disappointed from Cortana to work properly with a lot of websites, including restaurants. If you have been wondering why Cortana icon is not appearing on most of restaurant websites, get relaxed, you are not alone in this doubting area.

Almost all of people who have tried Cortana in Spartan browser for restaurant websites have nothing like Cortana icon that was boasted more than any other unique feature in this project. But, this is not the end of game, rather it’s just starting stage of Microsoft Edge, and recall that the browser is still in development stage with many missing features.

Yet there is a website found working with Cortana in Edge, and it’s a restaurant website. Visit this site, Cuoco-Seattle and you’ll see Cortana icon appears in the URL bar. This is an eye catching icon that pops up and down to grab your attention. Please open this site in Edge, Cortana is still in development stages and currently works just only with Microsoft Edge browser (;


Cortana working on SpartanIf Cortana doesn’t work for you on above site, make sure that you’ve configured Cortana to give permission. To do so, click the microphone icon in taskbar search bar and follow the steps.

Fans of Cortana should have to wait until the Edge browser meets its final version. For now, all of us have to experiment variety of sites to test this feature, and don’t forget to share your discovery in comments.


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