[color-box color=”gray” rounded=”0″]Set a custom format for date appearing in Windows 10 Taskbar. You’ll be able to choose a style from the available formats.[/color-box]

Windows 8 and Windows 7 also support custom date formatting. You’ll need to access this setting in Control Panel. The rest of process is almost same.

Popular Date Formats in the World

Two formats of date are widely known and employed in real world:


Slashes and dashes are often interchanged for the reading accessibility. The above both formats are popular formats and it depends on different regions how one of the styles is selected.

Regional Date Formats

Each continent, sub-continent, country or even each state may have its own specific format for showing date.

Asian countries often follow [DD/MM/YYYY] scheme while European countries use [MM/DD/YYYY] fashion. This pattern, of course, is not followed strictly. However, some entities or organizations can impose any of these styles in its domain.

If you’re really interested in this subject, you can check out Date format by the country list on Wikipedia.

Migrated from Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 7?

Just like previous versions, Windows 10 also has date formatting feature. It allows you to set any of style from the given presets. But the method to reach this setting is somehow different, only a bit different from the older versions.

If you have worked in Windows 8 / 8.1, this might be almost same for you as most of Windows 10 UI part is borrowed from Windows 8, which is the evolution of Microsoft’s new operating system streak.

Probably it might not be called a ‘streak’ as Microsoft has announced Windows 10 will be the last desktop operating system from Microsoft. But who knows what comes in future? The ever continuing upgrades seem to take place instead of the whole new OS at once. So the updates will be supposed to be an endless streak (unless Windows 10 meets the Death Angel).

If you’ve migrated from Windows 7 (or maybe XP), accessing this setting can be quite a teeth-grinding process for you in beginning. Only starting steps are different. Once you’ve gone through the process, you’ll be comfortable with this.

How to Set Custom Date Format in Windows 10 Taskbar?

Time to dive into Windows settings. The easy to follow screenshots will guide you like a through the entire process. Please follow the following steps:

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Select Settings from the menu

Open settings

[color-box color=”blue”] You can also access Settings from Windows Search (aka Cortana), or any other method you know as there are many ways to open settings.[/color-box]

  • Select Time & Language from the given options.

select time and date

[color-box color=”yellow”] You can skip the above steps if you click Time/clock on the Taskbar and select ‘Date and time settings’, located below the calendar.[/color-box]

  • In Time & Language window, select Region & language in the left pane.
  • Now come to the right pane and select Additional date, time & regional settings under the heading of ‘Related settings’.

additional settings

  • A new window will appear, that is Control Panel. Though not needed, make sure ‘Clock, Language, and Region’ option is already selected in the left pane.
  • In the right pane, select Change date, time, or number formats in the ‘Regions’ section. A new dialog box will appear.

change time and date formatting

  • Click/tap the Additional settings… A ‘Customize Format’ dialog box will pop-up.

additional options

  • Go to the Date tab.
  • Under the ‘Date formats’ section, you’ll see two date formats: Short date and Long date.

customize formatting

  • Define the order of your choice and hit ‘Apply’ or ‘Ok’ button to save changes.

custom date in taskbar

How to Reset Default Style?

If you don’t like any of the new date formats and want to stick to the default style but can’t find it in the list, just click the Reset button, confirm the action by clicking ‘Yes’ and Windows default date format will be applied.

This change will not only affect Taskbar date format but everything that accesses the system time in Windows. For example, you can try to insert an auto date in MS Office application such as MS Work or MS Excel. These applications will insert the same format of the date that shows up in Windows Taskbar.


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