Grab Office Lens app for Android and iOS for a more paperless life. Scan documents, business cards, receipts, white boards etc. and convert images to editable text or save as PDF or MS Word format file.

About a year ago, Office Lens app was released for Windows Phone by Microsoft. This app got so popular that iOS and Android device owners wished to have such an amazing app on their smartphones too.

The wait is over, after all, Office Lens app arrives in Google Play Store for Android and iOS users can download it from App Store.

Download Office Lens for Android and iOS

Office Lens enables you to scan the images using the device camera. Capture images of any document, receipt, business card, white board or any other text surface with camera and the app will capture that surface. But it’s not what makes Office Lens so desirable, there are many other apps that can scan documents by capturing via mobile device camera.

The features that make this app superior to competitors is its intelligent scanning and recreation of non-flat image. Don’t’ worry about the surface placement accuracy, you just need to capture the documents/surface from any angle and the app will recreate the image to a flat image.


Another exciting and useful but expected feature of Office Lens is image saving and conversion of scanned text into editable text. The app converts the image to a Word document that can be easily edited and saved or printed after modifications. Office lens can even save the image to a PDF file, which is great for distribution with text search capability and the file size is clearly smaller than the captured image, if you compare both.

Windows Phone users already have this app in Windows Phone Store, while Android users can download Office Lens from Google Play Store and iOS users can search Office Lens on App Store.


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