Did you know in iOS 9, Apple allows nesting folder inside another folder? It’s a bit tricky but let’s make it possible.

Look at Mac or iOS, Apple always feels pleasure imposing limits on its products and their functionality. Before iOS7, users had nothing to do with app icons on main screen.

Then it was allowed and everyone was happy to have this feature. Though it’s never been an issue for other OS, people who really rely on Apple products started feeling blessed and were very thankful to the developer company.

However, folder were still not allowed to be nested inside another folder. The only solution was to get leverage of different folders according to classification of apps. Alternatively, all less frequently used apps could be moved to a single folder for the sake of simple and clean menu.

After a long wait, the dream of nesting folders came true in iOS 9. It’s an exciting innovation in iOS but it is not easy to do this. A small tricky method is required to make this happen.

How to Nest Folder inside Another Folder in iOS 9?

Here we have two folders:

  1. MS Office
  2. Productivity

Now we want to place Productivity folder inside MS Office folder.

Keeping this scenario in view, just follow the steps below:

  • Position the destination folder (MS Office folder) on top right of the home screen. It should be the fourth item in first row of icons on home screen. See the screenshot to clarify what it should exactly look like.

iOS 9 inside folder

  • Move the other folder (Productivity folder) to the same screen and place it anywhere in any row.
  • Now tap and hold any folder and hold it for a while to enter the home screen editing mode.
  • Tap and hold the folder you want to place inside another folder. In our case, it’s ‘Productivity’ folder.
  • Here comes the trickiest step. While holding the folder (Productivity folder), tap the destination folder (MS Office) at top left corner of the icon.

how to nest folder in iOS 9

(Please watch the video to see how and where to tap correctly).

  • Now drag and drop the folder to the opened folder (destination/MS Office).

All done. You’ve successfully nested a folder inside another folder in iOS 9. Congrats.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g6zLf8m6SM?rel=0]

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