Windows 7 was a very beautiful release by Microsoft. One of its prominent feature was Aero style. Aero style contained some innovative visual effects including transparency, blur, snip, shake and flip. Another very exciting but very less known feature is Flip 3D. Are you aware of it?

Aero Flip 3D effect enables you to switch among opened programs windows in a cool 3D style. The background is darkened a little bit while windows are being flipped. The screenshot above shows how it looks like.

flip 3d view


Most of people think that there would be some third party software or some registry or shell hack that makes so beautiful effects. You may find some folks telling tricks and hacks to access this feature. But in reality, there is no need of any modification or customization. It is available by default and can be accessed without installing any third party software. So let’s see how to enable (access) filip3D in windows 7.


  • Make sure that your computer supports Aero feature. You can examine it by some signals; such as if your taskbar and title bars are transparent (Aero glass) then there are strong chances that your computer supports Aero feature.
  • Make sure that you have selected Aero theme. There are almost 7 Aero themes available by default. Flip 3D will not work if you are using Basic and High Contrast themes or any third party theme or visual style. So you are required to apply one of Windows Aero themes to access flip3D effect.

What are Aero Themes

How to Access/Use Aero Flip 3D feature in Windows 7?

Fortunately, there are no steps to follow here! Just open more than 1 folders or applications and hold down Win key on your keyboard. Keep it pressed and press Tab key. In short, it would be something like Win+Tab keys combination. Got the 3D Flip?

Now if you want to switch among opened folders or programs, just press and release Tab key while keeping Win key pressed. The focused window will appear to work on, on which you release the Win key.

If you use ALT+Tab keys to switch between windows, you will find it almost the same process but with much better graphical experience. Though it works the same (switch among opened applications and folders), with Filp 3D feature you can amaze your friends and family to make them shout ‘woww’; same like you had used to surprise when you watched this charming switching effect on a computer that was not yours.

So guys how did you feel this beautiful feature? Share your expressions, problems and feedback with us and others. Happy days!


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