In Windows 7, 8 and 10, Windows Task Manager can be launched as Administrator from admin account as well as standard user account.

If you use a personal computer at home, you are likely to handle your account as administrator rather than standard user unless you prefer standard account with low privileges. And that’s okay.

Normally in offices or workplaces where one or more persons are have admin privileges and other employees are needed to be restricted from accessing system files or data, admin and standard user system is applied in order to impose certain limitations to a certain group of users.

Sometimes people prefer more than one accounts on a single PC. Even they have admin privileges yet they find themselves more secure and focused by working in a standard user account. It makes sense and would not be a bad idea for security purposes.

If you have ever faced a similar situation you might have encountered that awkward time when you wanted to terminate some process via Windows Task Manager but it refuses to end that task.

The only apparent and quick solution you could find is stop right there, save your work and then switch to admin account. Now you can terminate that process easily.

But it’s not you wanted to do. You’ve to scarify your work and time at cost of terminating an annoying process. There should be a way to run Task Manager as admin with right set of admin powers. Fortunately, it exists.

How to Run Task Manager as Admin?

  • Type Taskmgr.exe or Task Manager in Windows Search.

task manager as admin

  • Right click on Task Manager icon and select Run as administrator from the menu.

choose run as administrator from the start

Enter the admin password if prompted and Task Manager will run as administrator. Now you can perform any task without limitation of standard account.

taskmgr running as admin

Moreover, you can switch among different admin accounts if you have more than one or two admin accounts on a single PC.


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