Install Ubuntu 14.04 with Windows 10, 8 or 7 using wubi, Offline Installation Guide

Install Ubuntu on Windows

Installing Ubuntu 14.04 using wubi.exe is an easy way to dive into Linux world without scarifying Windows 10, 8 or 7 installation. If you want to install Ubuntu ISO downloaded image file using wubi, here is how to do this in totally offline mode with no need of internet access.

Ubuntu 14.04 is a LTS (long term support) version released with many improved and exciting new features with more customization options.

Install Ubuntu on Windows

Typical way to install Ubuntu

Mostly, Windows users who are familiar to Windows environment but new to Ubuntu, don’t want to go through typical installation of Ubuntu. This can be risky too; if you are not sure how to install Ubuntu separate or dual boot with Windows, chances are you may select wrong partition that can destroy your precious data in seconds.

Well, it only happens if you are below than an average computer user. It’s a good idea to read installation guide once or twice before you install Ubuntu along with Windows for the first time.

Don’t afraid of Ubuntu installation, it’s not more difficult than Windows. If you can install Microsoft Windows, then you can make successful installation of Ubuntu too.

Easier installation of Ubuntu with wubi

Wubi is a tiny executable application that enables you to install Ubuntu as a Windows application. It mean that you can install it, test it, use it and whenever you want to remove it, just go to add/remove programs and uninstall Ubuntu. Very simple and takes just a few seconds. But let’s see how to install it.

  • First of all, download Ubuntu iso file from here.
  • Mount the iso file to virtual CD or unzip it using WinRAR or any good compression utility and extract wubi.exe from the iso file.
  • Now place the iso and wubi in a same folder. It’s recommended to create a new folder and place these two files in that folder.
  • Now, here is the tricky part. Turn off your internet connection!

NOTE: It’s necessary to disconnect internet if you want a speedy and full offline installation. It takes just a few minutes. But if you are online, wubi will try to download the ISO file again during installation. You can imagine the time consumption if it tries to download the ISO file again. Moreover if internet connection is interrupted or failed or computer crashes and you were on 99%, all process will be aborted and you will have to start it from zero.

  • Start wubi and fill the required fields such as drive selection, space allocation, user name and password.
  • Click on ‘Install’ button and installation process will start. This is actually the preparation process for installation. Necessary files are copied and disk space is allocated with some special files. On completion, it’ll ask to reboot the computer. Select reboot now and your computer will restart to begin the main installation.

Don’t be afraid of installation, it’s almost totally unattended and you just have to sit back and relax for a few minutes until it finishes.

Your computer may restart and you can login to Ubuntu desktop after entering your user name and password that you specified in wubi.

Ubuntu is a great operating system. It’s very secure and gives you ultimate power to control the core of your machine. Try it out and express your experiences, excitements, problems or any king of feedback. Thanks!

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  1. Raja
    September 10, 2016

    does this work, Did any one try it?? . Also can you put a link to wubi install??


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