Windows Mobility Center is a type of a dashboard or control panel to configure some often used operations such as battery mode, sound, internet connection, external display, sync center and more.

It lets you access these settings all on a single dashboard rather than looking them on different places that may cause hassle for you. Moreover, it contains some options that are not present as general configurations. You either have to search for them or go in complicated settings in main control panel. But Windows Mobility Center provides all of them on a single spot.

It can be very convenient and helpful if you often have to configure external display, monitor battery, adjust sound and volume and some other options that you will find on dashboard.

Windows Mobility Center

How to open Windows Mobility Center?

There are several ways to access it. But we’ll learn the two popular methods:

  • Windows Local Search
  • Shortcut Keys

Let’s have a look on both one by one.

Windows Local Search

  • Go to Windows Search.
  • Type ‘Windows Mobility Center’. Click on it and it will be launched.

Shortcut Keys to Access Windows Mobility Center

Press Win+X keys. Win key is actually the key on your keyboard that has Windows icon on it; usually found next to CTRL or ALT buttons.

Make WMC useful for You!

Windows Mobility Center(WMC), please don’t get it confused with Windows Media Center, that also is abbreviated as WMC, can be a very productive panel for you to enhance your working speed and save your time and energy.

I think you’ve gotten how it can save time and energy. When you use this panel, you can have several necessary options at a single place, so you don’t need to get in trouble with going to different places to find and access these options. You might find some options you were not aware of them before.

Memorize the shortcut keys or search Windows Mobility Center and make it useful for your daily working needs.


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